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For over 30 years, I have devoted myself to studying, practicing and preaching the benefits of health and fitness activities being a big part of a person’s life. And through many trials and errors, I’ve created a unique and unorthodox approach that cuts through the clutter and uncertainty. It is my hope that you find the information in this blog to be simple, easy to understand, and more importantly inspirational. Whether you are trying to feel better, drop a few pounds, improve your appearance or just enhance your quality of life – your body is a walking billboard of how you lead your life. How you do anything is how you do everything…and it shows! Why Fit Over Fourty? This site is dedicated to helping others lead a healthier and fit life. It is my hope that we can all share our own experiences and use each other as a resource to make the world a better place. I started this blog mainly because I love helping people. Hopefully, my insights will lead you to successes beyond your dreams. Connect with Billy You can connect with me with questions and concerns via social media sites at LinkedIn – Facebook - Digg –Top1Network – SelfGrowth and at www.bcfitness.contactus.html

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