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We’re Not Dead! We’ve Just Moved


I am here to inform you of some very sad, yet very exciting and important news.

As you have probably noticed, if you were a regular reader of Fit Over 40, there haven’t been many posts in a number of months. A series of changes have taken place…no I didn’t grow any new hair (I WISH!!!) This has caused us to focus on expanding our capabilities.

After almost two years of blogging, we have just simply outgrown our old site.  So we stepped away from the keyboard, packed our stuff and successfully decided to make a move.

No worries, it’s the same blog — just new and improved. The new location offers much more room for expansion  as we continue to grow. The only things that have changed are our new name and our new address. 

Please bookmark our new address at:



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I wanted to put together a really quick blog post and talk about some of the obstacles at work that can really screw up your fitness results…and I looking to hear some of your horror stories as well.



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The last few weeks have been an eye opener for me.  People get sick all the time.  Cold and flu season happens every year.  Hypochondriacs form a never ending line at the hospitals for their yearly injections of poison to “help” prevent them from getting the flu.

put it out thereI’ve realized that so many people panic at the mere mention of the word virus.  It seems like every time you  turned around it was on the nightly news, schools were closing down,  companies were sending workers home, people were wearing Michael Jackson masks as they walked through airports and even the vice president had verbal diarrhea of the mouth because he couldn’t leave well enough alone and just keep his pie hole shut.   (more…)

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Billy Carney

Billy Carney

Questions Asked…Questions Answered!
Many have been ruined by their confusion, and many have escaped ruin by the interest in knowledge.  To obtain it the great have sought out answers, while the rest have stood still.

My purpose for this forum is to allow you to ask questions to gain information on the things that confuse you when it comes to getting fit and healthy. (more…)

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I thought I’d start a new idea of sending you a quick workout or exercise every Monday so you can begin using it during your busy week or as a part of your existing workout.

NOTE: This is NOT a beginner workout.

If you are a seasoned exerciser, grab a stability ball, a mat, and an empty space on the floor. (more…)

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 Your body’s different from my body…and your neighbor’s body is different from both of our bodies, yet we all do things to stay fit and healthy.  I can say that with extreme confidence because I know you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t. (more…)

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Someone once told me that “You can’t dance sitting on your pants.”  Never before were those profound words so true.  Inactivity is attacking the American waistline, frontline and of course; if you read the title of this blog; their bottom line too! (more…)

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