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We’re Not Dead! We’ve Just Moved


I am here to inform you of some very sad, yet very exciting and important news.

As you have probably noticed, if you were a regular reader of Fit Over 40, there haven’t been many posts in a number of months. A series of changes have taken place…no I didn’t grow any new hair (I WISH!!!) This has caused us to focus on expanding our capabilities.

After almost two years of blogging, we have just simply outgrown our old site.  So we stepped away from the keyboard, packed our stuff and successfully decided to make a move.

No worries, it’s the same blog — just new and improved. The new location offers much more room for expansion  as we continue to grow. The only things that have changed are our new name and our new address. 

Please bookmark our new address at:



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Nothing slaps you in the face harder than reality.  Today was one of those days for me.

I woke up feeling down and thought the world was closing in on me.  Then I saw this video and realize that no matter how challenging life gets, you have to get up and start strong and then  finish  even STRONGER!

Please look at this video for inspiration.

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Thanks for visiting Fit Over 40!


Here is an amazing inspirational video for you:








 —Can: World’s Strongest Dad—


Don’t forget to turn up the volume on your speakers and enjoy!

Help us spread the word!  Send this video to a friend!











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Imagine having a body that’s a fat burning machine and able to build lean muscle tissue in less time than it takes to read the very blog this entry is in!”

Now…are you really that busy not to exercise?

Heart Disease, Bad Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Sexual Dysfunction, Cancer…With all the warning signs…with all the words of caution…with all the telltale indicators that your body is slowly breaking down — how come  a good portion of people approaching forty years of age and beyond, just don’t get it?


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Thanks for reading my blog today.

I’ve got a problem and I really need your help.

The problem is that I receive SO many questions about how to be fit after 40 that there is simply not enough time in the day to answer them.

So I realize that I need to focus the direction of my site  to make sure I am serving as many people as possible in the time that I have.

I sincerely want to know what you want to know and your answer will influence the direction of my blog.

This is what I would ask of you…

If you could ask ONE question about being fit over 40, what would it be?

(I hear Jeopardy music playing in the background and Alex Trabeck saying, “Final Answer???…)

Time’s up!

I want to know the answer… er, the question.

So please visit my blog now and post your question it in the comments section.

Whether you are new to my blog or you are an old-timer,  (you can’t be that old because the blog has only been in existence  for a very short time), I hope you will take a moment to participate.

This is VERY important as it will help me determine how I can best help you.

Please post your question in the comments below now!

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America’s Epidemic

Are you fans of any of the shows like the Biggest Loser, Celebrity Fit Club, Shaq’s Big Challenge, and Celebrity Makeover?

 Is it safe to say that the American public is getting duped into believing that in a span of viewing a 30 minute program (this is excluding all the commercials and the actual shows “fluff” pieces), morbidly obese people are able to lose enormous amounts of weight?


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