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We’re Not Dead! We’ve Just Moved


I am here to inform you of some very sad, yet very exciting and important news.

As you have probably noticed, if you were a regular reader of Fit Over 40, there haven’t been many posts in a number of months. A series of changes have taken place…no I didn’t grow any new hair (I WISH!!!) This has caused us to focus on expanding our capabilities.

After almost two years of blogging, we have just simply outgrown our old site.  So we stepped away from the keyboard, packed our stuff and successfully decided to make a move.

No worries, it’s the same blog — just new and improved. The new location offers much more room for expansion  as we continue to grow. The only things that have changed are our new name and our new address. 

Please bookmark our new address at:



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It’s the weekend.  The time to relax…put your feet up…release your pent up tension and sit down in your comfortable easy chair with a big, ice cold, HEALTHY bottle of …BEER????

I read an article the other day about the health benefits of beer.

Yes, you’re reading that right; I couldn’t believe my eyes either – Health Benefits! (more…)

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I guess some people consider this big news?

I read short article today about Oprah Winfrey explaining her “rationalization” of why she is as big as a house. oprah

Now, I’m not a fan of Oprah, nor am I someone who dislikes her.  Truthfully, I don’t even follow her.  But you can’t miss her due to her overwhelmingly large fan base, her television show, her magazines, her books and her international celebrity status.

What I don’t understand is the “on again-off again” so-called News about her body weight.  (more…)

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As the holiday season is now finally upon us, I need to ask you for your advice. …if you could send me a message, it would be a great help to me. Consider that to be your holiday gift to me. J  Your answers will help me create a plan on how I can benefit you for the upcoming year.


All I ask is if you take a moment to give me your honest opinions by answering a few simple questions.  Feel free to tell me what you think.  Don’t hold back any answers.  This blog and any information coming from me is for your benefit.  So, I want to know how to best provide you with the facts and fiction of health and fitness.

1. Would you be interested in signing up for a “workout of the month” DVD that is mailed to you each month?  Sent digitally each month?  It would be like having your own personal trainer helping you reach your fitness goals.

2. What types of workouts would benefit you the most?  This depends on your goals and interests in 2009.

3. Would you be interested in signing up for an “interview of the month” CD that is mailed to you each month?  Sent to you digitally each month?

4.  Who would you like to hear from?  Fitness professionals? Nutritionists? Fat / Weight Loss Gurus? Motivational speakers? Professional athletes? Or a combination of everything that relates to health and fitness.

5. Would you be interested in signing up for a health and fitness newsletter  relating to the most up-to-date fitness information out there; that would be sent to you digitally each month? On a bi-monthly basis? On a weekly basis?

6. How much would you be willing to pay for to be a part of my “Secret Training Underground  coaching group” that gets everything; newsletter, CD, DVD, bonus reports each month?  $100 a month? $75 a month? $50 a month? $25 a month? $20 a month? 


This material will include the most up-to-date information that is out there right now.  A lot of this information isn’t available to the general public…only to fitness professionals. I would distribute it to the people in my ‘inner circle’ only.


I would REALLY like to hear from you and get your feedback on my ideas.  My goal is to help shape and change your world.  The only way I can do that is to know what you are thinking.


Thanks in advance and have a very happy holiday!




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Sometimes you just gotta laugh

This has nothing to do with fitness, but it put a smile on my face and I think it will do the same for you.

If it will do anything, it might lower your blood pressure a little.

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I’ve come across so many different types of people throughout my life. Some were rich, some were poor…some were thin, some were fat…some wemilli-vanilli-gal-modelsre athletic and some were not athletic.

If you really think about it, the fact that we have such a diverse population makes this a better world.

I think that if we didn’t have so many different types of people, this would be a really boring place to live.

Unfortunately, many have this insidious disease that was cultivated throughout their lives.  The disease is called Envy.

No one seems to be satisfied with who they are.  They either don’t like the way the look, or the way they feel, or even the way others see them.  So what do they do?

They try to be someone else or at least portray themselves as someone else instead of being happy with whom they are.

Why? (more…)

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age and obesity

Likely reason #6 why you aren’t losing weight quickly

When it comes to losing weight, everyone seems to have an answer to solve that problem, but they never seem to be asking the right kind of question. Why is my weight loss not happening? What am I doing wrong? I’m putting in the effort and I’m not seeing the results.  Why am I failing?

There’s no need to panic.  Information is all over the place.  In fact, infomercials, weight loss clinics, and health food stores are right at your disposal serving you the latest pills, juices, devices, or any combination of them all.  Each and every one of them promises “quick” weight loss. Unfortunately, each and every one of them is stealing money from your wallet.

REALITY CHECK: Losing weight quickly is absolutely, positively, 100 percent guaranteed to cause your body to gain weight.  You will not find an answer in any “magic” pill, potion, or juice.  So, STOP LOOKING!

The diet and weight loss industry is a multimillion dollar business. The problem is that they are making all the money and you are keeping all the weight.  It’s all based on fear, misinformation and guilt.

Every Tuesday for the last six weeks, I’ve offered you a new tip on how to combat the battle of the bulge in a smart and safe manner. If you are looking for quick weight loss secrets, this isn’t the place for you. But, if you’re trying to find a way to reduce your body weight using sound advice for long term fat reduction, read on.


Likely reason #6: I’m too old to begin an exercise program If you still need motivation to get started after reading these posts for the past six weeks, they you better go back and read them again.

Age is just a number.  If you are able to walk, you are able to exercise. Taking small steps and let your desire be the starting point for all of your future achievements.  I’ve worked with clients for all age groups and they all had to start somewhere. Don’t let the “tomorrow’s” be your excuse for not starting today.

“The difference between successful people and those who are not, is the resilience and ability to keep trying and overcome obstacles by applying the knowledge they’ve learned.”

Well, this wraps up this six post series.  I hope it has helped you set in motion your weight loss plans

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